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Pastor Jajuan Sanders

Assistant Pastor

Jajuan (Juh-Wahn) Sanders is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He was called to the ministry and attended and graduated from Oakwood University with a degree in theology. He also obtained a degree in psychology, realizing that this would allow him to not only serve people spiritually but emotionally and mentally as well.


One of Pastor Sanders’ major accomplishments while at Oakwood was being selected as “campus king”, a prestigious position known as Mr. Oakwood University, that helped showcase his ability to motivate himself and lead others.  After graduating from Oakwood, Pastor Sanders attended the seminary at Andrew University where he obtained the Master of Divinity degree. Throughout his undergraduate and graduate studies, he has held a variety of positions where he served in ministry and spiritual leadership roles.


Pastor Sanders has a strong support system, including some great professors and mentors who have played a major role in helping him succeed.  As such, he took the advice of one of his mentors to take up coaching so he could provide the same support for others, and became a Certified Professional Coach. He uses his coaching skills to help ministers and spiritual leaders overcome self-imposed obstacles and limitations, so they can be more successful in their jobs, achieve wholeness and fulfillment in life, and become better leaders in whatever capacity they’re in.  While he went into coaching thinking it would make him a better pastor, it has also made him a better human.


Pastor Sanders is grateful to God for blessing him with a boldness to share God’s love with the world. His passion is empowering and liberating lives and he truly enjoys the work he does. He believes God created us to be free, and his desire as a minister is to show people what God’s freedom looks like, while having fun doing so.

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