Ministry Description/Mission:

A ministry developed by the Metropolitan SDA church to assist young men between the ages of 10 and 16 realize their potential and build a better future. We do this by providing resources to develop Godly character and equip them to influence the world in positive ways. The program teaches and models God’s purpose for the lives of young men and helps them to learn the leadership skills that will guide them to responsible manhood.


Statements of Who We Are:

Pledge: I am a man of integrity. I will think before I act. I will take responsibility for my actions. Through Christ I will rise to the challenge of becoming a man, strive to care for my body, raise my standard, overcome every obstacle, and reach my full potential. I will humbly serve my community and walk with my God.

Motto: God first and everything else after

Core Values:

1. Spirituality: We are committed to being God’s men, submitted to Christ

2. Character: We are committed to personal integrity, dignity, and charity

3. Responsibility: We are committed to taking responsibility within our families, with our finances, within our community and our church

4. Education: We are committed to fulfilling our potential through education as a means of self-empowerment and a means of maximizing our usefulness for the Kingdom

5. Service: We are committed to giving back to our fellow man through unselfish acts of service

6. Determination: We are committed to pushing through each obstacle that may present itself in life with a confidence that there are no closed doors in Christ

7. Excellence: We are committed to being our best, expecting the best, and giving of our best always, in all things, to reach God’s highest standard for our life

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