Join the Metro Verses Challenge!

Join the Metro Verses Challenge!

We’re excited to tell you about the Metro Verses Challenge! Every two weeks this year, starting today, we’ll announce a verse and challenge our members to create a video recording of themselves sharing a devotional that helps explain the verse. These should be short, peppy devotionals — not longer than one minute. Once we’ve received all of the submissions, one will be selected randomly, the creator will receive a gift card, and the devotional will be shared on all of our social media platforms.

Anyone can create a devotional — there’s no age limit. You can also use any version of the Bible. Here are some tips for ensuring a quality recording (these will be considered when making the random selection):

  • Be sure your clothes are clean and wrinkle free
  • Record in front of a clear, non-cluttered background
  • Hold your phone in landscape more (sideways); if someone is recording you, have them hold the phone in landscape mode
  • Listen to the recording before you submit it to make sure there aren’t any background noises
  • Smile

When you’re ready to submit your devotional, complete this sign-up form. You’ll proviide some contact information about yourself and we will email you the link to upload your video recording. Then…relax and wait to see if your submission is selected.

2022 Metro Verses

March 13 – Psalms 14:1 (submission deadline: March 27 @ midnight)

February 27 – 1 John 1:9 (submission deadline: March 13 @ midnight)

February 13 – John 8:32 (submission deadline: February 27 @ midnight)

January 31 – 1 John 4:19 (submission deadline: February 13 @ midnight)

January 15 — Jeremiah 29:13 (submission deadline: January 30 @ midnight)

January 1: — Romans 8:28 (submission deadline: January 16 @ midnight)

If you have any questions, email us at