It’s time for VBS!

It’s time for VBS!

Hey kids (and parents)! It’s time for our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) program. Registration closes on Sunday, July 18, so REGISTER NOW! The fun starts at 6:00 p.m. on July 25 and runs through August 1. Read below for all the details. If you’d like to volunteer (we need volunteers!!), click here.

VBS Logistics

July 25

  • Everyone will meet at the Wilderness Camp (6307 Riggs Rd, Hyattsville, MD) to pick up your kits / supplies, explore the camp, and journey through the Red Sea as you learn the story of Moses. We start at 6:00 p.m. You must get a kit in order to be able to participate in the week’s activities. Some tribes will attend in person during the week and others will be online. On July 25, we’ll distribute the in-person schedule and the Zoom link for online participation. — this is another reason for you to make sure you’re there on the first day! We’ll also have prizes and giveaways, so come prepared to have a great time!!

July 26 – 30

  • You’ll use the schedule distributed on July 25 to know whether your tribe will meet in person at the Wilderness Camp, or whether you’ll join via Zoom. If you are meeting in person, you must bring a blanket or chair for each person in your party.

July 31

  • Rest and relax until the final celebration. There is no meeting on July 31.

August 1

  • Everyone meets in person at the Wilderness Camp (6307 Riggs Rd, Hyattsville, MD). Bring your blankets or chairs, and a shirt or other item that your child can tie-dye. We’ll have lots of games, prizes and fun as we celebrate entering the Promised Land!

For Volunteers

A successful VBS program requires a lot of volunteers. Thank you for helping us create a wonderful time for our children. During the week of July 18, we’ll need help putting together the VBS kits that the children will use, and creating the Wilderness Camp. You don’t need any special skills to participate — just a willing heart and the ability to follow instructions. Email if you have questions, and then sign up to volunteer (or…tell us when you email).

Here’s the week’s schedule:

  • Sunday, July 18. 10:30a – 4:00p. Assemble VBS kits
  • Wed, July 21 – Friday, July 23. 10a – 3p. Decorate in MAC