Blessings at the Border

Blessings at the Border

2020 was a devastating year for the countries of Central America. They were affected by seven hurricanes that caused almost $11 billion in damage, destroying crops, homes, businesses, critical infrastructure like roads and bridges, and unfortunately – many lives were lost.

Many of those affected attempted to flee to the United States. Those who survived their harrowing journeys were met with awful conditions at the southern border. You’ve heard the news stories: children are sleeping on the floor and being kept in cages.

Metro is excited to have the opportunity do something about these travesties. We are partnering with the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, who is in turn, part of a larger partnership that includes the American Red Cross and Catholic Charities. The goal is to provide hope to those stranded at the border.

During the month of April, we will be collecting donations to this Blessings at the Border project. No amount is too small. Perhaps this is an opportunity to partner with your children – maybe there are jobs around the house you can have them do to earn money they could donate to the project? Perhaps friends would be willing to contribute if you asked?

You can use any of our giving methods to make your contribution. Please put “Border Blessings” on the appropriate memo line so the funds may be credited appropriately. We will send a check to the Texas Conference in May. We thank you in advance for your support of this project!