Programs for Youth

Youth - a time of unlimited potential.  We encourage our youth as they develop socially and academically, and continue to guide in their spiritual growth.

Ministry Name

Opportunities to Serve

Cavaliers Coaches Haisha Thompson

Our website; social networks - facebook, twitter; the weekly bulletin; our newsletter; photography team; flyers; verbal communication

Melissa Andrews

La Cour Royale

Sponsors for the debs and beaus; program coordinators

Hazel Charles

Lovina Thompson

Metropolitan Media Ministries

Video Production, Audio Recording, DVD/CD recording and production

Myron Ottley

Gordon Cort

Metro Praiz

Singers; musicians

Theo Milford


Counselors; drill team instructors; honors (skills) instructors

Angella Brown

Puppet Ministry

Perform in skits using puppets; write scripts for skits

Jessica Bardu

Sabbath School

Sabbath School teachers; program participants

Denise Cunningham

Sister-to-Sister Mentors to young women; program coordinators

Hazel Charles

Lovina Thompson

Usher Ministry Ushers Shondel Glasgow
Vacation Bible School Volunteers to teach classes, work with crafts, food, set-up / break-down, etc.

Cheryl Marshall-Gordon

Jeuelle Ottley Sam

Youth Prayer Meeting   Novella Smith