Sabbath School

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Sabbath School is a Bible study program offered for all members of our church.  Children and youth are placed in classes according to age, while all adults meet together in the sanctuary.  The typical Sabbath School program will feature music / singing, a mission emphasis, and interactive Bible study facilitated by Sabbath School teachers, focusing on the week's Sabbath School lesson.  Free copies of Sabbath School quarterlies - daily guides for lesson study - are distributed to members; ask your teacher for one.  They can also be found online.

Children's Sabbath School classes are organized as follows:

We also have special classes for those preparing for baptism (Baptismal class), and those just recently baptized (New Believers Class).  The ushers can point you to the locations where these classes meet.
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When you get to church, ask the ushers to direct your children to the appropriate classroom where their Sabbath School class meets.  All adults meet in the sanctuary.