Metropolitan Media Ministries


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MMM's unique strength is the seamless mix of video, audio, computer presentations, and information into a cohesive communication tool.

Video Production: Regardless of the ministry -- be it music or a series of sermons -- there's
tn_mixernothing quite like a video to bring the message to life.  MMM is skilled in the technical and creative arts of production and events-staging and is equipped for both studio and location shooting.

Audio Recordings:
Through its state-of-the-art recording studio and with its skilled team of highly trained sound engineers, MMM offers cutting edge technology for audio recordings of music products or whatever the product may be.

Computer Presentations: With the use of computer slides and video modules, MMM technicians create visual elements to enhance any presentation or event.

tn_cliffThe skilled technicians and administrators that serve MMM are all volunteers from the Metropolitan Church family.  The organization provides opportunities for interested members to receive training and develop skills in video production, audio recording, visual presentation, program production, and general multi-media.

On any given Sabbath, one can visit Metropolitan Church and see this dynamic ministry in action.  The cameras are rolling; the services are recorded and mixed; computer images are projected in the sanctuary and in perimeter classrooms; the manufacturing room is "abuzz" as requests for CD and DVD recordings from previous services are filled; and the rotating shift of trained technicians and operators wear an expression that says they are committed to service!

In addition to church-based activities, MMM's services are also available for faith-based community events, including weddings, banquets, graduations, and other social events.  If you'd like to volunteer to work with MMM (they provide free training to church members), or to schedule MMM's services or you just need some more information, please contact them at 301-853-2224, ext. 14, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .