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LIFTED is the new name for our Sabbath afternoon program (this program used to be called Adventist Youth or AY).  The name LIFTED was chosen by our young adults and it refers to where Jesus says in John, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to me." (John 12:32).  The goal of LIFTED is to help us to understand Jesus - so that we can do our part to show Him lifted up to our community, allowing Him to draw them to Him.

It's a very interactive, relaxed worship style - there's lots of audience interaction.  Programs generally feature praise and worship, an audience discussion, media presentations and the spoken word.

LIFTED meets the first and third Sabbaths of each month, generally in the late afternoon (check the calendar for exact service times).  On these Sabbaths, right after the divine service, as part of LIFTED's mission, the church family (all who are willing) participate in a community outreach activity.  

How do I connect?

Stop on by any first or third Sabbath afternoon.  We'd love to see you!