Health Ministries

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Health professionals


The Health Ministries department provides opportunities for members to develop healthy lifestyles.  The department periodically offers lifestyle change programs for our members and friends from the community.  These programs typically run for eight to twelve weeks and promote healthy eating habits and simple, but effective, exercise routines.  Every Sabbath, members of the department provide five to ten-minute presentations on various issues affecting our congregation, with an emphasis on how the issues affect African Americans.  A few times a year, the department offers various medical screenings (blood pressure, body fat analysis, etc), free of charge, to our members and local community.  They also minister abroad - visiting under-developed countries to provide essential health care treatment and equipment.

How do I connect?

Check the bulletin, PowerPoint announcements, email-gram and church calendar for information on upcoming Health Ministries events.  If you meet the criteria (and these meetings are usually open to the entire church family and our community), just show up at the event!