Community Services

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Those who have an interest in helping to provide basic needs for members of our surrounding community, and for serving those in our church.


At Metro, we understand the power of giving to those in need - in our congregation, and in the community.  Our Community Services department's food program provides groceries and household items for more than 100 families on a bi-weekly basis.  Volunteers in this ministry assist with sorting the food that is delivered to the church, and packing it into boxes that are then distributed to needy families on Wednesday afternoons.  Volunteers also drive the church van that picks up the food supplies from local markets and pantries.  The ministry is also responsible for hosting church hospitality dinners and funeral repasts.  Volunteers assist with food preparation, setting up tables and chairs for meals, serving meals and cleaning up after events. 

Now that our Activity Center is open, the Community Services ministry will be involved in even more outreach programs focused on helping those in our community.  Now is a great time to join their team!