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Beyond the Walls

Connect with Our Community

At Metro, we connect to our community through prayer, love and service.  About once a quarter, we, as a church, close our doors, put on our Beyond the Walls t-shirts and head into the community to serve our fellowmen.  We perform random acts of kindness - handing our bottled water, popsicles and granola bars on hot summer days.  We feed and clothe the homeless.  We provide meals for parents of sick children.  We deliver food and groceries to home-bound residents of the District.  We provide play time for children of incarcerated parents.  We visit our members who are in nursing homes.  Our children make cards for those in the military and our seniors.  We provide school supplies for needy school children.  These are just some of the service activitiesa> you can take part in at Metropolitan.  Sign up for our weekly email-gram so you can stay in the know about our next Beyond the Walls activity, or see Vonric or Latey Bradford.

On the second Wednesday of every month, our Activity Center becomes a grocery store.  We distribute free groceries and supplies to members of our community and our church.  The event it open to everyone.  Contact the church office for details.

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