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Where There's Revelation, There's Life!

Written by Trevor Kinlock.

revelation series 1920

Join us for a dynamic new series on the book of Revelation beginning April 6.  Gospel award winning song writer and worship leader, VaShawn Mitchell, will lead our music worship that day!  Does the book of Revelation have important messages that are relevant for my life today? Does this prophetic book predict the events that are happening in the world?  How can I strengthen my faith in a society that has forgotten about God?  Learn the answers to these questions and more.  The "Revelation and Faith" Life Series will be a pivotal teaching series you won't soon forget that will bless your life.  Remember - where there's Revelation, there's life! 

Pastor Kinlock and Pastor Smith lead out during the series, which meets in Saturday starting April 6 to May 25 (at both services).  There will also be a corresponding Bible study on Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m. during May.  Mark your calendars!