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No More Labels

Written by Alex Royes.

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It's been a few months since my family and I arrived here at Metro, and I think it's safe to say we love it! My boys are adjusting nicely to their new school, G.E. Peters; Shannon enjoys the connections she's made thus far; and working with my close friend, Trevor, has made this transition all the more delightful. I'm still learning names and faces, navigating the beltway, and enjoying your monsoonal heat. Well, maybe the heat is a bit over the top, but I'm soaking in the Vitamin D.

Although I am of Caribbean heritage, I had not previously served as pastor of a predominately West-Indian congregation. I have heard the rumors: they are stubborn, cantankerous, and argumentative; however, my experience thus far proves the skeptics wrong.  I know some of you are saying, "Just wait pastor, it's coming; they will show you and Kinlock their true colors soon enough."

 I hear you, but I choose to believe that it's dangerous to label people, a cause (Black Lives Matter), or a church for that matter. People evolve over time, causes clarify in positions, and churches grow! A label says, I'll always be like this; I cannot change; my destiny is fixed. Christianity, on the other hand, holds the belief that we are one encounter away from a changed life, new impulses, and a different direction, so I think I'll take my chances with Christianity and my new church, Metro!

So here we go! I'm expecting love, community, respect, change, growth, joy, transformation, and so much more! How about you? What labels are holding you back? As for me, I'm done with labels.  I'm ready to grow!