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Where Is God?

Written by Novella Smith.

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JULY 9 UPDATE:  We are posptoning today's discussion with Neitha Harris so that we can allow our church members to participate in the North American Division's protest march this afternoon in downtown DC.  We will continue our series on July 16.  Visit us during the week for updates.  If you are interested in participating in the march, meet at the Lincoln Memorial at 6:30PM.  The program will start with singing, and then the protesters will march to the MLK memorial.  Attendees are asked to wear red.

Where is God when bad things happen?  Does He care when you are diagnosed with cancer?  How about when you lose your job?  Your home?  Your family and friends give up on you?  How do you know that He still loves you?  Teens4G invites you to a series of programs where guests will share their personal stories of getting through very difficult situations without giving up on God.

The series started with Michael Drakes talking about how he deal with the sudden death of his teenage sister Candice.

On July 9, Neitha Harris will share her survival story:  on a road trip with some friends, she ended up trapped under an 18-wheeler.  Many people doubted that she would ever walk again.  How did she get through the dark periods of her recovery?

  Randy Preston joins us on July 16 to talk about dealing with aftereffects of a stroke.  The thing about Randy is that he's not 65 years old.  How does a young person deal with such a severe health crisis and not give up on God?  He'll tell us.

Marietta James closes out the series on July 23.  Her story is amazing - both of her daughters were killed on the same day in a car accident.  The elder daughter was driving the younger home after picking her up from school.  Job-like similarities?  Marietta was able to sing "His Eye is on the Sparrow" at the funeral.  How?  What kind of God would allow both of someone's children to die?  How did Marietta make it through?

Join us at 6:00 p.m. on July 9, 16 and 23 and hear these amazing stories!