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Happy New 2016!

Written by Melissa Andrews.

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Happy New Year, Metro!

Last year we started the year off focusing on resolutions related to time (remember Latéy rushing everyone off the stage and the big clock counting down?), talent, treasure and temple.  We think those areas are still very important so we want to encourage you to continue creating a "new you" in 2016.

Resolve to spend time this year getting to know someone new, and spending some time in the community.  Remember Kisha asked us to resolve to meet 10 new people at church?  How many did you meet during 2015?  Many people would love nothing more than to have a good friend they can count on.  Can you share some of your time?  Can you share some of your time with those in our community?


Many of you completed our Momentum program last year.  We're so proud of you and wish you continued success on your journey to financial freedom!!!  We want to encourage all of our members to resolve to save more and spend less this year.  Let's live below our means.  If you'd like to participate in an old-fashioned "savings plan", sign up here.

Resolve to learn to do something new this year.  Learn how to surf the internet.  Learn to speak Spanish.  Learn to bake.  Learn to change the oil in your car.  Learn to braid.  Learn about some topic you don't currently know about.  Keep your mind active!!!  It helps to prevent dementia and Alzheimer's.

Resolve to walk more and drink more water this year.  I'm not going to tell you to lose 20 pounds or spend 5 days in the gym - you can resolve that on your own.  These two things - walking more and drinking more water - are really simple to implement and to keep doing throughout the year (our gym resolutions generally fall off by March, unfortunately). They both will provide you with great health benefits!

So there you have it - some simple ways to create a new you in 2016.  All the best to you this year!