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In The Meantime...

Written by Marquis Johns.


Dear Metropolitan Family,

On behalf of the church board, I want to extend our sincerest expressions of gratitude and thanks for your patience during the process of determining God’s will for our church as it pertains to the new senior pastor.

Over the past few months since Pastor Billingy announced her intention to retire, several meetings concerning the appointment of a new pastor have taken place at the Allegheny East Conference level, as well as two meetings with our church board and Conference representatives. I’d like to encourage you to pray without ceasing as the Conference reviews potential candidates.  Lift up Elders Fordham, Richardson and Cunningham as they work through some of the challenging issues that come with handling such a delicate aspect of God’s work.


In the meantime, I will continue to work with all of the ministries that are currently in place, ensuring that we lose none of the momentum gained over the past 4 years.  If you need something from me, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I leave you with this:  while God knows the past, it is assuring that He also knows the future of this church.  With this knowledge, we can rest easy, confident that He knows who should lead and that He will guide us every step of the way.  As we move through this transition period, Id like to remind us that our mission is still to connect our church and community to Christ through prayer, love and service.  Let’s keep impacting our community together for Jesus!

At your service,

Pastor Marquis D. Johns