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Dr. Booth and Howard Gospel Choir are in the House!

Written by Metro Blogger.


We've had a great time celebrating our African and West Indian heritage.  On February 21, we take a look at the black experience on this continent.  We will spend some time reflecting on the struggles our ancestors endured, and look forward to the things we need to do to continue the fight for equality.  As such, we are thrilled to have visiting with us, representatives from two of the institutions that sustained, and continue to sustain us during the struggle - the church and the school - in the persons of Dr. Charles E. Booth and the Howard Gospel Choir!!!


Dr. Charles E. Booth, senior pastor of the Mt. Olivet Church in Columbus, Ohio, recently celebreated 50 years of ministry.  During that time, he has counseled and mentored hundreds of pastors who have gone on to disciple and encourage their individual flocks.  His Charles E. Booth preaching conference is a staple in the Black work, and provides the opportunity for preachers to learn from and network with fellow preachers in an atmosphere of camraderie and love.

Howard University has been educating the black mind since 1867, and has awarded more than 100,000 degrees in the professions, arts, sciences and humanities.  The University is world renowned for the musical talent it produces, and so we are thrilled to have the Howard Gospel Choir visiting with us.  Through their dynamic musical presentations, they will remind us of the struggle and energize us to move forward!

We look forward to seeing you with us - either in person, or live at metrosda.org/live - on Sabbath, February 21.

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