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A Life of Blessing

Written by Metro Blogger.

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As we move into 2017, we invite you to join us for our first series of the year - A Life of Blessing.  We'll learn how we can focus our time, talent, temple and tithe to best prepare us to receive God's blessings.  Prepare yourself for success by setting the right foundation for the year.  Join us each week at 11:00 a.m. in person, or online at metrosda.org/live

Start working on your temple - participate in our Super Fit Family Challenge!

Super Fit Challenge: Week 1

Written by Dorrel Mclaren.


We are in the first week of our eight-week super fit family challenge.  Read the program overview before getting started.

Week 1 Challenge: Each person should drink half his/her weight, in ounces, of pure water every day (e.g., if you weigh 100 pounds, drink 50 ounces of water per day). Start each day with 16 ounces of warm or room temperature water before breakfast, then spread the balance over the rest of the day.

Exercise:  Purchase a pedometer or use app on your cell phone to calculate steps. Each person’s goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day, or get as close as possible. Start out aiming for 2,000 steps if you have not been exercising regularly. 10,000 steps is about about 5 miles.

Super Fit Tracking

Get a blank notebook and start a Health Journal to keep track of progress during the challenge. Calculate and record the following for each family member:

Teen Church: Overcoming Your Thorn

Written by Arlette Pile.

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Sermonic Flow is a ministry organization composed of men and women devoted to the spiritual enlightenment, encouragement and uplifting of the youth of this generation. By speaking on real life issues through testimonies of overcoming, achievement, and determination, they show how the power of Christ and His word are sufficient to  conquer life's many obstacles.  Sermonic Flow's mission is to change the thinking and behavior of young people so they hope for a better future.

Please join us on January 21 at 5:00 p.m. as we discuss a much debated topic:  cherished and habitual sin in the Christian life. We will explore Romans 7 & 8 and learn  how to overcome sin, have greater faith, and walk closer with the Lord.

Does God Care? Tania Joseph's Testimony

Written by Metro Blogger.

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On October 24, 2015, Tania Joseph was involved in a near-fatal accident.  She suffered severe trauma to her brain.  On October 28, she coded.  Metro prayed and prayed and prayed some more.  Doctors were able to revive her, and she was transferred to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, where she was to spend several of the next months of her life.  There was lots of doubt about whether she would ever fully recover, what state her brain would be in if she recovered, whether she would ever resume anything close to a normal life.  The situation was heartrending for her husband, two young daughters, immediate family and all of her extended family and friends.  But through the doubt, prayers continued to be sent up on her behalf

Today, Tania Joseph is driving again on Maryland roads.  Listen to her tell her remarkable story at 5:00 p.m. on January 14.