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Come Beyond the Walls with Us on March 4!

Written by Latey Bradford.

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Overview The objective of our Beyond the Walls day of service in this first quarter of 2017 is to concentrate our efforts on a just a few impactful, large-group outreach projects. Unlike past Beyond the Walls programs, on March 4 there will only be 5 service opportunities for members to participate in. These activities have been specifically designed to accommodate large groups and provide members the option of directly interacting with members of our community or playing a more “behind the scenes” service role. Most importantly our mission to pray, love, and serve will come to life in each project.

POSTPONED: The Bailout - Starts March 14

Written by Metro Blogger.


March 12, 2017:  Due to a low registration rate, we are postponing our Financial University class.  We will host the class in the fall. 

Red Cross Community Safety Day - February 18

Written by Metro Blogger.

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Metro is teaming up with the Red Cross to provide a community "Safety Day" on Saturday, February 18.  There are events and activities for the entire family to help you prepare for emergencies.  The event is FREE and open to the public.  In addition, we will be going into the community surrounding the church and installing FREE smoke detectors.  Read on for all the details and plan to participate!

Super Fit Challenge: Week 6

Written by Dorrel Mclaren.


We are in the sixth week of our eight-week super fit family challenge - time is moving swiftly along!  If you are just joining us, read the program overview before getting started.

Week 6 Challenge:  Plan grocery shopping as a family.  Have your regular family meeting and review your progress over the past weeks.  Discuss the new plan for grocery shopping.

Shop for groceries as a family once or twice a month.  Set aside plenty of time so you can review nutrition labels at the store. Have fun doing that.  Teach the children how to compare prices and value. Calculate the cost per ounce, pound, etc., and determine which is the best dollar value for the nutrient impact. Make this a family activity so you are not rushing through it.  Reduce the amount of soda, fruit drinks, and other sugared drinks that you purchase. In week 4 you should have already cut the amount in half. Continue to drink your allotted amount of water per day.

Exercise:  Plan to exercise as a family at least twice this week. Review again the progress each of you is making in daily activity.