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Super Fit Challenge: Week 6

Written by Dorrel Mclaren.


We are in the sixth week of our eight-week super fit family challenge - time is moving swiftly along!  If you are just joining us, read the program overview before getting started.

Week 6 Challenge:  Plan grocery shopping as a family.  Have your regular family meeting and review your progress over the past weeks.  Discuss the new plan for grocery shopping.

Shop for groceries as a family once or twice a month.  Set aside plenty of time so you can review nutrition labels at the store. Have fun doing that.  Teach the children how to compare prices and value. Calculate the cost per ounce, pound, etc., and determine which is the best dollar value for the nutrient impact. Make this a family activity so you are not rushing through it.  Reduce the amount of soda, fruit drinks, and other sugared drinks that you purchase. In week 4 you should have already cut the amount in half. Continue to drink your allotted amount of water per day.

Exercise:  Plan to exercise as a family at least twice this week. Review again the progress each of you is making in daily activity.

Come This Far By Faith

Written by Metro Blogger.

come this far 1920

The Sister-to-Sister Ministry presents "Come this Far by Faith," a black history tribute reflecting the past, embracing the present and maintaining hope for the future.  The program takes place at the Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church on Saturday, February 18 at 4:30 p.m.  All are welcome!

Red Cross Smoke Detector Training - February 12

Written by Melissa Andrews.

Smoke Detector Installation Training 1920 x 450

Volunteers, ages 13 and up, are needed for smoke detector installation training.  Three-person teams are needed to facilitate the Church's join venture with the American Red Cross for a community based smoke detector drive, scheduled for February 18.  Training takes place on Sunday, February 12 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the MAC gymnasium.  To register for the training, contact Ursula Roberts-Allen at 703-898-6704 or sign up online!

Teens4G Retreat - Camp Blue Ridge!

Written by Metro Blogger.

teens4g campblueridge

UPDATE - March 19, 2017:  Registration for the retreat is now closed.

Metropolitan Teens4G is holding its third annual retreat at an offsite location – Camp Blue Ridge in Montebello, Virginia.  Because the retreat is offsite, registration slots are limited.  Register early to ensure that you get a spot!