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5 Reasons You Should Be at Metro on October 18!

Written by Farrah Hudson.

1. Eric Thomas  If you’re anything like me, you heard Eric Thomas’ voice looooong before you actually associated a name with the jarring, disruptive, high-energy, purposed motivational, err, no, scratch that, INSPIRATIONAL speaking that he brings. Well, he’ll be kicking off #Destined2014 with his thought leadership and his dynamic style as an inspirational speaker for Metro on October 18 . If you’re looking a jump start to your destiny, trust us, Eric Thomas, will encourage you to go after what’s yours. Don’t be surprised if he asks, point blank: Do you want success more than you want to breathe? In addition, gospel-recording artist Kevin Levar will be here to sing his latest song “Your Destiny”. Take a deep breath, and join us on October 18!

2. Kevin Levar

This name probably isn’t on your top ten list of gospel artists, but it needs to be. Kevin Levar’s got an awesome voice and more than that, he does an awesome job when ministering. You have to come hear him. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Here’s an appetizer – check him out performing “A Heart that Forgives”.