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Looking for College Scholarships? Start Here!

Written by Margo Grifith.

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The cost of higher education should not leave you in poverty for the rest of your life. There is funding available, but you must put in an effort to search and apply for it. You must develop a plan to find the money for college, and work that plan so that the dream of obtaining that degree can be realized.

It would be nice if all students received full scholarships to college. But that is not reality. Some receive athletic scholarships because they have athletic skills that a school wishes to tap into for the school’s benefit. Others have demonstrated such academic prowess that schools give them academic scholarships to entice them to attend. Others have been dealt many of life’s lemons, and life has just been hard for them; compassion is extended to them, and college fees are paid on their behalf.

Many students manage to get partial scholarships. Others get no money at all. But do not despair; there is money available. You just need to develop a plan to seek and tap into that well of funds; use these simple steps to help you.

Be a Christmas Angel!

Written by Metro Blogger.

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MetroKidz and Beyond the Walls need your help serving our community.  They are partnering with the foster care agency CONCERN (www.concern4kids.org) to provide Christmas gifts for the children who are serviced by the organization.

The children that CONCERN helps have been severely sexually and physically abused.  They are also categorized as “medically fragile” which means they have been diagnosed with three or more mental disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia, etc.  All of them have been abandoned by their parents or primary caregiver.

HIV - Getting Up Close & Personal

Written by Denise Dixon.

I used to think HIV was linked to those individuals who decided to live the “fast” life (drugs, prostitution, substance abuse, etc). That was before I became an HIV tester. I now understand that people who deal with HIV are very similar to my mother, sister, brother, uncle, father, friends, and possibly my son.

One day, a 24-year-old young woman came in to be tested. Before I gave her the test, she shared with me that she decided to leave her country in Africa, and all her family and friends, to continue her education here in the U.S. She came in to take the test because her mother, who is now the caretaker of the young woman’s 2-year-old son, had called to tell her about “rumors” going around that baby’s father had died from AIDS. I sat there looking at her eyes filling with water as she told me the “rumors”.

Membership Has Its Privileges?

Written by Melissa Andrews.

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We've been conditioned to believe that membership has its privileges.  But is that true in a church context?  Has God really given you privileges, like you're an American Express cardholder????

How many years have you been a member at Metro?  1?  5? 10?  40?  Some of you have been members here your entire lives!  :-)  And some of you just walked in last week.

What does it mean to be a member?  Do you have more privileges or “say so” the longer you’ve been here?  Or is it your age that matters?  Are older members more important than younger members?  What about more educated members vs less educated members?  Or members who were born in the US vs members who migrated here?  Members who eat curry chicken vs members who eat Grillers?