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More than a Woman

Written by Marquis Johns.


Dear Metropolitan Church Family,

Grace unto you, and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

I don’t know about you, but I had an awesome time this February celebrating Black History month. It is gratifying to set aside some time each year to focus on our contributions to the history of this nation and humanity.

There is another minority making contributions to world history that is also somewhat overlooked and uncelebrated women despite the fact that from Genesis 1:27 to Revelation 12:1, they have been depicted as repositories and reflectors of the very image and glory of God. When Christ wanted to communicate His desire to protect and guide Israel, the analogy He used was that of a hen gathering “her”chicks. (Matthew 23:37 KJV)

The Women are in the House!

Written by Metro Blogger.

womens history 1920

Have we got an experience for you in March!  Women preachers each Sabbath.  All-women praise teams.  All-women bands.  You've never seen anything like it, and you won't want to miss one week!  In addition to our phenomenal worship services, we have an exciting set of programs and outreach activities planned for the month.

I Have A Dream...About Metropolitan

Written by Ashley LeFleur.


Whenever Adventists are going to be out of town over a weekend in a place where they don't have family or friends, one of the first things they think about is, "Where will I go to church?" I am no exception. I was visiting the Washington, DC area from South Africa, and I needed to figure out where I would attend church on February 21. I was given a list of nine churches in a radius of about eight miles from my hotel in Silver Spring. But how would I figure out which of these to visit? Easy! The way we learn about everything these days - I used the Internet.

Crayola 64

Written by Claudia Allen.


And this is the dwarfing, warping, distorting influence which operates upon each colored [woman] in the United States. [She] is forced to take her outlook on all things, not from the viewpoint of a citizen, or a [woman], or even a human being, but from the viewpoint of a colored [woman]” (p.13)
James Weldon Johnson, The Autobiography of the Ex-Colored Man