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In The Meantime...

Written by Marquis Johns.


Dear Metropolitan Family,

On behalf of the church board, I want to extend our sincerest expressions of gratitude and thanks for your patience during the process of determining God’s will for our church as it pertains to the new senior pastor.

Over the past few months since Pastor Billingy announced her intention to retire, several meetings concerning the appointment of a new pastor have taken place at the Allegheny East Conference level, as well as two meetings with our church board and Conference representatives. I’d like to encourage you to pray without ceasing as the Conference reviews potential candidates.  Lift up Elders Fordham, Richardson and Cunningham as they work through some of the challenging issues that come with handling such a delicate aspect of God’s work.

Don't Miss the Ice Cream Party!

Written by Tamara Sam.


Hey kids!  We've got a special treat planned for you next Sunday, September 20.  We're hosting an ice cream party for you!  There'll be ice cream, of course, but we'll also have moon bounces, face painting, crafts, games and lots of other activities.  It'll be a totally awesome afternoon.  So plan to stick around after Adventurers and Pathfinders and enjoy the fun.  The best part is - it's FREE!  You don't have to pay anything.  We look forward to seeing you.  The fun starts at noon!

Brenda and Ed Billingy Talk Ministry

Written by Metro Blogger.

Pastor Brenda Billingy retired from full-time ministry at the Metropolitan Seventh-day Adventist Church on September 5, 2015.  She will continue her work as an Associate Ministerial Director at the North America Division of Seventh-day Adventists on a part-time basis, and will also continue her prayer ministry.  We spent some time talking with her and her husband Ed about their past few years in ministry - coming to Metro, leaving, coming back, good times, bad times, and more.  Take a look - we're sure you'll enjoy it.



$Dollarama Blowout

Written by Metro Blogger.

Dollarama logo

The 50+ Club invites you to their first ever “$Dollarama Blowout” on Saturday evening, September 19 @ 8:00 p.m.  Everything’s a dollar – food, admission, and more.  Enjoy a fashion show featuring both the elegant and the outlandish!  You can afford to attend!!!  See you there.