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Imperfection: Parenting Lessons from an Autistic Child

Written by Jermey Matthews.


Every year, during Autism Awareness Month, my wife and I celebrate the birth and life of our autistic daughter. Kiley, who turned 8 years old this year, has changed our lives in immeasurable ways. But even though that’s largely because parenting her presents us with unusual, and sometimes significant, challenges, the biggest change has been a newfound appreciation for the “gift” of imperfection. It’s a gift that all parents should embrace, no matter the degree of the challenges they face with their children.

Kiley’s autism comes with behavioral, sensory, and communication challenges that literally demand 24/7 attention. Not surprisingly, families facing such challenges are forced to make tough choices: modifying (or eliminating) vacation plans, adjusting work schedules, even missing church, to name a few. For parents of multiple children, arguably the toughest choice is directing more attention to the child that demands it the most. Sometimes the burden of constantly making tough choices combined with poor stress management leads to poor choices.

Protect the Innocent!

Written by Elizabeth Jones.

protect the innocent1920

April is National Sexual Assault and Prevention Month.  We asked our Women's Ministries department to blog about something on the topic and they have provided some wonderful information about how we can start to teach our children to protect themselves from assault!  We encourage you to share these tips with the children in your life on a regular basis.

The number of sexual assaults can be staggering to the adult mind, but what about our children.  How do we teach our kids without scaring them?  The object is not just to teach, but to empower them with the right to say NO.  We must also empower them with the acceptable ways they should be interacting with adults and yes, even older kids.  What they really need is confirmation from you about who they can trust in times when they feel they can’t tell mommy or daddy.   That person is who they can tell if any of the following things happen to them.  They should also know that they will not be in any trouble for telling.


Metro Poetry Project - 2016 Submissions

Written by Metro Blogger.

metro poetry submissions 2016 1920

We'd like to thank the members who submitted poems for our Poetry Project, including two 3rd-graders!!!  They are Jalen Andrews (3rd grade), Rory Thompson (3rd grade), Vaughn Andrews, Kim Cameron, Wilbur Cort, Tameka Edwards and Jermey Matthews. Read the submissions here.  We hope more of you will submit your work when we do this again next year.

Cave Quest! VBS 2016

Written by Tamara Sam.


Summer is just around the corner and we're excited to announce this year's VBS - Cave Quest.  At Cave Quest Vacation Bible School, our kids will experience God’s Word in surprising and unforgettable ways!  They'll be grounded in the rock-solid foundation of God’s love, a love that will take them through life’s dark times.  The fun takes place July 10 - 14, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.m nightly.