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“One ‘God’ idea is better than a million good ideas.”

“Jesus kept the law, but broke the rules.”

“Maybe your Pinterest life needs a naked execution.”

“You can’t follow Jesus and be bored.”

“Praise God for the complications.”

These words poured out of the mouths of some of today’s most forward-thinking Christian leaders.  Bright and early on the morning of Thursday, November 20, 2014, DC’s Lincoln Theatre auditorium filled with the scent of freshly brewed coffee, the glow of brightly lit iPads and hundreds of attentive listeners from all walks of life. The two commonalities between us all?  Our love for Christ and our love for His people.  Led by Pastor Johns, a lively group of Metro leaders excitedly joined the attendees in one of the most potent dialogues for the Christian church today.

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Light It Up! http://www.metrosda.org/light-it-up.html http://www.metrosda.org/light-it-up.html catalyst next conference 1Wait! Let me explain. I know what you’re thinking, but this has nothing to do with arson, smoking or any other terrible activity one can do with fire. And before I lose you to your mind’s best imaginations, let me get right to the point: God has called you to be the LIGHT of the world (Matt. 5:14). We read about it, sing about it, and we preach about it . . . but how do we really live out this call on a day-to-day basis?

I was blessed to be part of a group who attended a Catalyst NEXT conference -- a forum for discussion about the direction of the church and how we, as a corporate body and as individuals, can fulfill our commission. As we entered the Lincoln Center, the room bustled with excitement and anticipation. Unlike most in attendance, I was not familiar with any of the speakers on the program, but I had great expectations and came ready to record and absorb all the highlights.

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test http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/107-test.html http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/107-test.html test

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World Of Brands http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/105-world-of-brands.html http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/105-world-of-brands.html Competitors are similar and substitutes. By contrast, achieved with advertisement, the choice between different products becomes quite difficult.

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Spider Media http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/104-spider-media.html http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/104-spider-media.html

Provided Services for Spider Media:

  • Market research (data collection and thorough analysis of the results)
  • Analytics reports (vulnerabilities and opportunities for development)
  • Proposal for future development (plans, charts and scenarios)
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Comic-landia http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/103-comic-landia.html http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/103-comic-landia.html


We create ideas and exploring new horizons.

60% from the kids with glasses are object of harrassement at school, so we advise our client from Comic-landia to create a superhero with glasses.

Comic-landia is one of the largest comics publishing companies world-wide. But any other big company out there Comic-landia needed a push, something fresh, something that stands out from everything else.

The company has shared their idea of creating a very young superhero, for their youngest customers, but they wanted an idea. So idea is what we gave them!

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Charts & Graphs http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/100-charts-and-graphs.html http://www.metrosda.org/2-uncategorised/100-charts-and-graphs.html arrowUse all Google Charts & Graphs to display your marketing researches, marketing tools, case studies, interviews, analytics, tests & more.

You can use both SP Google Charts Module with easy setup (not responsive), or the preset Google code (responsive) from the demo site, also included in the documentation.

Here's an example of a column chart:

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