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Lesson 4: Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestyle

Posted by on in Sabbath School Lesson Summaries
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Sphere of Influence

Sometime ago, I worked for a large marketing organization. Our trainer told us to make a list of individuals in our sphere of influence - persons we knew well and with whom we interacted frequently.  He told us we would market our product to these people first and then they would introduce us to those in their sphere of influence, thus creating an ever-widening circle. This strategy assumes that those in our sphere have a good impression of us and would be willing to listen to our presentation.  What would happen if our acquaintances thought we were mean-spirited,backbiting, gossipers, selfish, quick-tempered?   Would they be willing to invite us to their homes?  Even if we had a valuable product, our negative attitude would prevent them from even listening to our message.  Our lifestyle would trump our message and the entire strategy would fail.
Living Evidence

The entity we are introducing today is more than a mere product, more than any ordinary person - it is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We offer ourselves as evidence of the transformed life He has effected. Our warmth, our smiles, our caring, our calmness under stress, our hope amidst despair - all are evidence of what this Person has done for us, and can do for others. Visualize a three-person chain with Jesus first, changing us, and we in turn introduce others to Him.

Aimless Searchers

During Christ's time on earth, He had compassion on the people because they fainted and were scattered abroad like shepherd-less sheep. It's no different today. People are very busy, hurrying about aimlessly, chasing after measly crumbs, while ignoring the Bread of Life. The genuineness of our lifestyle witness speaks volumes about Whose we are.

Become All Things To All Men - Meeting Perceived Needs

People have perceived needs and our witness must address these perceptions first. It means that we should use these perceptions as a starting point for a discussion that eventually leads to their true need - JESUS. All men of all persuasions need Jesus. In fact He is all they need, even if they don't think so.

Water- Living Water - Messiah

Jesus used this strategy in His encounter with the woman at the well.  He moved the conversation along from water, her perceived need, to Living Water, to Prophet, to Messiah.  The woman then became a witness to her sphere of influence.

Friends First

Jesus instructed the demoniac to go witness to his friends first. They can see his before and after story and would naturally inquire as to who effected this change.

Purposeful Expansion

We are challenged to go outside our daily sphere and purposefully seek out those whom we don't normally interact with. Since they will not seek us, then we must seek them. All categories of lost souls need to be reached - lost coins, who know not that they are lost; lost sheep - who know they are lost but can't find their way home; prodigal sons who know they are lost and are driven by hardship to find their way home. We are to befriend non-believers, while not compromising our Christian beliefs.

A Church Master Plan

All of the above activities must be integrated into a church master plan. The church must set goals with plans to achieve those goals. Each member must be infused with a burning desire to achieve those goals and the part he has to play. 


Key Questions - Sabbath, April 28

How have you been affected by those whose actions matched their profession? How have you been affected by those whose actions didn’t match their profession? How can you always remember that your actions will influence others, one way or another?



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