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In Tram I Trust

Posted by on in General Blog
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portland-tram-closeup-smallMy job sent me to Portland for some meetings, and I decided to take in some of the city's sights on the evening before we started working.  One of the things that was recommended on all the "things to do in Portland" sites I visited was the Portland aerial tram.  This tram would take you up to a high point and allow you to see the city panoramically displayed below you.

So I paid my $4 and hopped on the tram for my sightseeing trip.  It was indeed beautiful.  Here's what I was seeing as we made our ascent:


Gorgeous, isn't it?  Portland is a beautiful, green city.  When we got to the top, I got out and walked around, took a picture of Mt. St. Helens, tried to see Mt. Hood (coudn't because of cloud cover), admired the many roof gardens on top of buildings, and watched the cars and people hundreds of feet below me.

That took all of five minutes.  Then it was time to go back down and look for some food.  Lol.  On the way down, I snapped this shot of a tram coming up:


Yep - I was in one of those contraptions, dangling precariously in mid-air.  I watched the cars driving below and wondered how much carnage there would be if the steel wires snapped, and the tram tumbled to the ground.  You'd think I would have thought of this BEFORE I climbed into the tram.  But, not only did I blindly assume that the tram would safely take me to the top and bring me back down safely, I paid money to take this ride!  I paid money to get into a vehicle that was going to take me hundreds of feel above the ground, suspended by some steel cables, without knowing anything about the person who designed the tram, without knowing when was the last time they tested that the cables were holding properly, without walking around to see if all screws were tightly secured.  I paid money to walk into this thing that could potentially kill me and the others that it could fall on, and never doubted that it would do what I expected it to.  None of my co-passengers did any safety checks either - they stood around checking their phones, talking about their pets, admiring the scenery - all just expecting that they would be safely deposited on solid ground without mishap.

How often we blithely trust things.  Not just simple things - like expecting that the lights will come on when we flip the light switch, or that water will flow from the tap when we open it - but silly things like getting in a tram and gliding hundreds of feet above ground to get an aerial view of a city, or getting on a roller coaster that will send us doing 360-degree spirals.  All without asking to see a safety report, or finding out if the team that designed it passed their physics classes.

But ask us to trust God and we have a million questions.  We act like we need to have Him verified, FDA-approved, and FDIC-insured.  He needs to pass a background check, credit check and show us His references.  And even with all of this - we still find reasons to doubt Him.

Why is it easier for me to walk into a tram and go soaring into the sky than it is for me to trust God?

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