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Lesson 2: All Hands on Deck

Posted by on in Sabbath School Lesson Summaries
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Q2 SS-2012 Lesson 2: Every Member Ministry (read Lesson 2)

A CNBC Originals documentary, “Cruise Inc.: Big Money on the High Seas” (2009), took us inside the $30 billion cruise industry. The cruise ship documented was the Norwegian Pearl, a 15-story tall, 965 ft long, 93,000 ton “money making machine”. They called it a “floating city” that employs 1100 crew members to cater to 2200 passengers eating 12,000 meals per day. One could only imagine that all hands are always on deck to serve and entertain the passengers.

Imagine Peter the disciple being alive today and swearing (before he was saved, of course) at the cruise industry. He’d probably be thinking - what sense does it make for a multi-million dollar sea vessel to be burning through millions of dollars just to entertain?  They don’t even catch any fish!!

The good news is that our Godhead runs a different kind of High Seas Business.  Metaphorically, while the evil one lures us on the cruise as passengers, God is calling all hands onto the deck of a less-than-luxurious, but ministry driven “fishing expedition”. Unlike the Pearl, God is not making a subtle attempt to get you to spend your life’s savings away at the bar or dancing to music. Each person who joins God’s fishing expedition is in effect, a worker within a ministry, and the loud command from the Owners of this expedition is “All hands on deck!” 

Key Thought of Lesson 2
Too often evangelism and witnessing are seen as the pastor’s job alone; this attitude is wrong.

According to Peter, God’s people are chosen, called to be a “royal priesthood.” Because the priests were given a ministry, it follows that if we are called to the “priesthood,” then we have a ministry, as well. We must understand, however, that we are not called merely in order to perform a ministry. First and foremost God is calling us into a relationship with Himself, and it is out of that relationship that we are compelled to share with others the great things that God has done, and is doing, for us. This is at the heart and soul of personal witness.

Each of us, therefore, has a personal ministry to perform, and it involves proclaiming the praises of Him who has called us “out of darkness into His marvelous light.”

Selected Key Questions - Week 2:

  1. Examine Ephesians 4:12 and2 Corinthians 5:15–20. What do these verses say about each believer’s ministry?
  2. Read John 4:35–41. While we often get excited at the reaping stage of a person’s Christian growth, what do these verses tell us about rejoicing with others who have contributed along the way?
  3. Consider 2 Peter 3:9. Why is God so keen for laborers to go out into the harvest?
  4. Read 1 Thessalonians 1:5–8. What did the Thessalonian church do with the gospel that they had received from Paul?
  5. Read 2 Peter 3:9 andTitus 2:11. What motivates and empowers believers to work together with God?
  6. Read Acts 14:27 and15:4. Why do you think reports were brought into the church?
  7. Think over the past few days. How many chances did you have to witness for your faith, to plant a few seeds that could one day reap a harvest? How many of those times did you do it? How many opportunities did you pass up?
  8. In what ways could you work more closely with church members in the effort of reaching out to others? Why is it so easy to get complacent, sleepy, and inward focused?

Q2 SS-2012 Lesson 2: Every Member Ministry (read Lesson 2)

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